The project “A GRASP OF GRAPHICS AND VISUALS” meets the expectations of schools educating in photography, graphics and film production. Teachers and students of four partner schools will participate.
They will improve the quality of vocational training as well as the competences and social skills of the participants.
The project will allow students to be successful in the European labour market

The aims of the project are:

  • improvement of the quality and increase of the attractiveness of vocational training in photography, graphics and the film industry
  • adjustment of the contents and methods of vocational training to requirements of the digital era and European standards
  • development of participants' skills in the usage of modern information and communication technologies ICT
  • development of participants' social and intercultural competence
  • increase of employment opportunities of graduates from partner schools on the domestic and European labour market,
  • increase of awareness of both students and teachers on the importance of foreign language learning and enhancing linguistic competence

The project involves vocational and secondary school students who are interested in the field of new digital technologies, want to expand their knowledge and skills in modern visualization techniques and investigate the operation of the branch labour market.

Participating teachers from partner schools play the role of guides and counselors for the young people.